The Serial Killer Whisperer

What Would You Say to a Murderer?

How One Man’s Tragedy Unlocked the Secrets of the World’s Most Terrifying Killers

The Serial Killer Whisperer by Pete Earley | The Story of Tony Ciaglia CoverFrom bestselling author Pete Earley — The Serial Killer Whisperer is a book about the strange but true story of how a young man’s devastating brain injury gave him the unique ability to connect with the world’s most terrifying criminals.

Fifteen-year-old Tony Ciaglia had everything a teenager wants until he suffered a horrific head injury at summer camp. Pronounced clinically dead three times before he reached a hospital, Ciaglia lapsed into a coma.

When he emerged his right side was paralyzed. His brain damage required him to relearn how to walk, talk, eat, and take countless pills to control his emotions.

Abandoned and shunned by his friends, he began writing to serial killers and discovered that his traumatic brain injury enabled him to connect emotionally with notorious murderers.

Soon many of America’s most dangerous psychopaths were revealing to him heinous details about their crimes. The killers opened up to him, trusted him, and called him a “best friend.”

But there was a price.

As Tony found himself being drawn deeper and deeper into their violent worlds of murder, rape, and torture, he was pushed to the brink of despair and forced to question his own sanity — until he found a way to use his gift. Asked by investigators to aid in solving a murder, Tony began launching his own personal searches for forgotten victims, with clues often provided voluntarily by the killers themselves.

The Serial Killer Whisperer will take you into the minds of murderers as never before.

Who is The Serial Killer Whisperer?

How Tony Ciaglia Became Pen Pals with Monsters

Tony Ciaglia didn’t ask to become a serial killer whisperer.

But he didn’t have to after an out-of-control WaveRunner caused severe brain trauma in Tony’s head. His life changed. He would never be the same again.

Though he made a miraculous recovery from his traumatic brain injury, Tony found himself emotionally distant and was intrigued by some of America’s most notorious serial killers. On a whim, he began writing to them and found himself becoming their friends and confidants. It was a slippery slope as Tony fought against falling off the edge of sanity.

Part of the reason Tony decided to share his story was to step back from that ledge and show others how horrible these people could be.

“I want to stress the fact that I do not condone nor glorify what these men have done,” Tony said, “When I find myself getting too close to the horror and madness I think of the victims. I look at their faces pondering over the pain that these cowardly men have caused their families that can never be healed.”

What Others Think of the Book

Snippets of Reviews for The Serial Killer Whisperer

“…a brilliant combination of scrutiny and unobtrusive narration, allowing the verbatim letters to do the book’s grisly spadework.”
- Kirkus Reviews

“…many will still be unbearably moved by the grisly nature of the murders … But no one can soon forget the characters in this honest, true crime portrayal.” - New York Journal of Books

“For readers of true crime and psychology and others interested in the workings of the brain.” - Library Journal

“A unique and compelling personal story and a fascinating exploration of the unsettling subculture that has grown up around serial killers.” - Booklist Review

About the Author, Pete Earley

Bestselling Author and Pulitzer Prize Finalist

Pete Earley Author of The Serial Killer Whisperer BookPete Earley is no stranger to the darker side of humanity. He wrote about the nation’s most vicious criminals in The New York Times bestseller The Hot House and the murders of Pastor Jeffrey Lundgren in Prophet of Death.

Still, his will was put to the test as he explored the sheer brutality and terrifying actions of the serial killers Tony Ciaglia corresponded with, ”I spent many sleepless nights trying to decide how much to put into this book,” Earley said. “The letters verge on being pornographic. And yet this is an important part of the story.

“We decided to leave in graphic details so that readers could see just how sick Gore and others are — and how they discuss rape, torture, and worse without any sign of disgust or remorse.”

Pete was a finalist in 2007 for the Pulitzer Prize and has won many awards, including the Robert F. Kennedy award for social justice. His honest reporting and compelling writing throughout his 13 books has helped him garner success as one of few authors with ”the power to introduce new ideas and give them currency,” according to Washingtonian magazine.

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Dive Into the Minds of Murderers Like Never Before

Everything in this book is real — the victims are real, the killers are real, and the consequences are real.

The Serial Killer Whisperer is a compelling, true story about one man who, on the brink of despair, reconciled his connection with serial killers into a worthy cause. It is also a fascinating look into the minds of serial killers as told by themselves.